Q: What should I do when the printer seems stuck flashing ``PROCESSING JOB''?


This happens almost always only when printing PDF files from Acrobat Reader. To avoid it as much as possible, print to pab using lp, e.g.,

lp -dpab FILE


Two steps are needed to clear the PROCESSING JOB problem: canceling the job and resetting the printer.

First, you need to cancel the job. The most convenient method to do this is to press the Cancel Job button on the printer (if available). If that cannot be done, you should try to remove the job from the print queue on the UNIX command line (see separate instructions). If you do not see any jobs there, it was probably sent directly to the printer from a PC, in which case you will need to send e-mail to have the system administrators clear it for you. Same thing if the job that needs to be canceled is not yours (although you could try to contact that person to have them cancel the job themselves first.)

Once the job has been canceled in one of those ways, the printer will go into CANCELING JOB mode, at which point it must be reset. See separate instructions for that.