Q: How do I forward my mail to a new address?

IMPORTANT: First, make sure that the address you are forwarding to does not forward back to the address you are forwarding from, or an infinite loop will ensue and your mail will get lost...

  • Under UNIX, create a file ~/.forward containing your new e-mail address on a single line (e.g.: user@host.domain).

    To forward to the new address and keep a copy on our computers, put

    (where username is the user part of your e-mail address @astro.ucla.edu) in ~/.forward.

    If you are using an auto-responder (``vacation'') or filter (``procmail''), see also FAQ #42.

  • For BONNIE users, enter MAIL and type:
    SET FORWARD "SMTP%""user@host.domain"""
    where user@host.domain is your new e-mail adddress.

    If you are forwarding within our domain because you want to use UNIX mail instead of VMS mail, user will be your UNIX username and host.domain must be mail.astro.ucla.edu.

  • IMPORTANT: Finally, make sure that you have saved all the messages in your incoming (system) mailbox (i.e. where new messages show up when they arrive) to a folder in your home directory, so that you can continue accessing them without taking up shared system disk space reserved for the storage of incoming mail.

    If your situation is more complex or if you are not sure, please inquire.