Reporting Computer Abuse

To report abuse coming from UCLA Astronomy computers (domain name ending in, or IP address beginning with 128.97.69.), see next section of this document for addresses/numbers.

To report abuse coming from other UCLA computers (i.e. those that do not match the properties listed above), see separate instructions from the UCLA Web Council.


The UCLA Astronomy computer support team contact information is (in decreasing order of preference):
  • e-mail:
  • phone: +1--310-206-8596
  • fax: +1--310-206-2096
  • mail: Department of Physics and Astronomy,BOX 951547, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1547

  • People

    It is made up of the following individuals (in alphabetical order):
  • Leon Kopelevich, systems administrator for the Astronomy Division (+1--310-206-8596, 1-707J PAB)
  • Mauro Leonardo, assistant systems administrator (+1--310-825-8067, 1-707I PAB)
  • Craig Murayama, systems administrator (+1--310-206-0380, 1-707G PAB)
  • Larry Webster, who manages Mt. Wilson systems (Mt. Wilson, phone: +1--626-440-1119)
  • John Boyden, who manages BONNIE (8359 MS, phone: +1--310-206-1090);

  • as well as several graduate student


    The system administrators are generally available to answer your questions and solve your problems between 10:00 and 16:00 on any working day (though exact hours fluctuate on a daily basis). There is usually a presence after hours and on weekends and holidays as well (but only for emergencies).

    Please understand that the system administrators have a lot to do besides assisting users. Therefore, the fact that they are around at other times (specifically, ``after hours'' and on weekends or holidays) does not mean thay they will be able to help you outside their regular hours.

    Office Hours

    Office hours are no longer in effect. An announcement will be made if/when they resume...