Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 15:09:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: help (computer support)
To: users (mailing list)
Subject: the new GATEWAY
TYPE OF NOTICE	guidelines


DATE		effective 2002-06-25

IMPACT		change in functionality/use of GATEWAY

AFFECTS		users of GATEWAY and related network services

USERS MUST	read detailed information below

REASONS		GATEWAY upgrade last Tuesday

The new GATEWAY has the same configuration and functionality as the old one, except as described below.

Of course, the new hardware is more powerful, by a factor of about 5 (4 times the memory, two CPUs instead of one, each 3 times as fast, and a lot more disk space). Even though it is now our most powerful public computer (but not for very long), the policy continues to be that no long programs (more than a couple of minutes) may be run on GATEWAY, as it is dedicated for interactive use, especially for remote access. (And as reminder, it is the only Sun system where you may use PKZip and Numerical Recipes.) You should run programs that require a lot of memory on BIGJOBS (which has the same amount as GATEWAY: 1 GB) instead.

Although long jobs are still forbidden, some intensive basic applications such as Netscape are now allowed to run on GATEWAY. Others previously prohibited may be allowed again later on as well, depending on how the load is handled.

There is also some change in network services; some already in place, others to take effect shortly. For example, RSH and RLOGIN access will no longer be possible from outside our domain. (Please use SSH instead, or TELNET if not available.) Similarly, XDMCP and some X11 connectivity will be disabled for at least a few months. However, you will now be able to access your mail through POP from outside our domain (using the same server you use internally). It should be noted that the online documentation is not yet up to date on those changes; it will be once they all have been activated.

Also, due to the change of hardware, the SSH host key for GATEWAY has changed. If you get a warning message when connecting through SSH, accept the changes, and, if necessary, edit your ~/.ssh/known_hosts to remove all references to GATEWAY and its nicknames. A new entry will be created next time you connect, eliminating the message after that.

The old GATEWAY was originally known as VELA, but that name has been retired with its replacement. Therefore, if you try to connect to VELA, you will be told that the host is not known. Similarly, if you have references to VELA in paths in your dot files or personal scripts, they will no longer work. Most of those expected to be affected were notified in advance, but if you were not, please let us know and we will tell you what to do.

Finally, you may see me logged in on GATEWAY and running a large number of processes. This is normal and has little impact on global usage.

If you have other questions about the changes affecting GATEWAY, please let us know. Thank you.