Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 15:36:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: help (computer support)
To: all (mailing list)
Subject: new PC replacing CASTOR in 8105
Cc: chris clang lowrance mastro murray rchary sskim webbr whiter zlyang
Last week CASTOR was retired and replaced with a new PC named BOOTES in 8105.

That PC is an order of magnitude more powerful. It has a 1-GHz Pentium 3 processor with 256 MB of memory and 60 GB of disk space, plus a 12x/8x/32x CD writer (compared to just 2x/1x/6x for the one on FROSTY). Indeed, this is now our most powerful public PC.

It runs Windows 2000, and is therefore similar to the PCs we have in 8359. Please follow the directions on the sign above it, especially concerning your files: They should all be located in one of the USER FOLDERS appearing on the desktop. Files that were in CASTOR's USER FOLDERS folder have been moved to C:\USERS\ on BOOTES, except that the files of users who are no longer here (who appear as Cc recipients of this announcement) or who could not be identified were moved instead to C:\USERS\CASTOR.OLD\username. Through the USER FOLDERS folder, you can see all user files on all our public PCs.

On the software side, it has all our usual packages (including Office 2000). However, some of the software that was on CASTOR was not reinstalled on BOOTES. If you want additional software installed, please request it by e-mail as directed on the sign.

Finally, remember that, with Windows like with UNIX (and soon with MacOS too), you have to login with a Microsoft Windows Network username and password for the UCLASTRONT domain (not ``this computer''), and that therefore you also have to logout when you are done, so that others can use the system. (Anyone who is logged in without locking the display will be logged out by Administrator.)

I am hoping that some time soon I will find enough time to develop more (web) documentation about our ``new'' Windows 2000 environment and resources. In the meantime, if you are not sure about how to use them, please simply ask. Thank you.