Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 13:55:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: help (computer support)
To: all (mailing list)
Subject: Numerical Recipes software
Version 2.08 of Numerical Recipes (C & FORTRAN) is now officially available.

Our license allows us to use it on only one computer: GATEWAY. Because all our computers share filesystems freely, you may find it is also available in other places on other computers. Even though you could use it there, you may not do so without violating our license at your own risk... (Here, using it means compiling/linking, but not necessarily running your programs. See for all the licensing details.)

On GATEWAY, you will find it under /opt/nr/. There are two directories: lib, which contains the librecipes*.a libraries that can be linked into your executable; and src, which contains source code subdirectories.

There are four different versions of the libraries, and four corresponding source subdirectories: c for ANSI C, ckr for K&R C, f for FORTRAN77, and f90 for FORTRAN90.

Use of the f90 version is not recommended, as there are unknown bugs in Sun's 'f90' compiler (e.g., psdes.f90 simply could not be compiled!). If possible, add the source code to your program rather than relying on precompiled object files in all cases.

If you do not already have the book, documentation can be found online at: