Astrophysics Colloquium

Colloquium meetings are held in the Physics and Astronomy Building (PAB) in Room 1-434A from 3:30-4:30pm every Wednesday of the academic season.

Winter 2015 Schedule

Smadar Naoz

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Date Speaker Title (mouseover for abstract)
2015-01-07 NO COLLOQUIUM
2015-01-14 Brian Metzger
Signatures of Neutron Star Mergers
2015-01-21 Lynne Hillenbrand
The Young and the Restless Stars
2015-01-28 Feryal Ozel
University of Arizona
Neutron Stars, Black Holes, and the Dense Matter Equation of State
2015-02-04 Benny Trakhtenbrot
ETH Zurich
The Fast Growth of Super-Massive Black Holes and their Host Galaxies at High Redshift
2015-02-11 Roberto Sanchis Ojeda
UC Berkeley
Close-in Exoplanets in the K2 Era
2015-02-18 Shelley Wright
UC San Diego
Two for one: Distant young galaxies and near-infrared SETI
2015-02-25 Vicky Kalogera
Astronomy with LIGO
2015-03-04 Tucker Jones
UC Santa Barbara
A magnified view of galaxy formation
2015-03-11 Shane Davis
University of Virginia
How Black Holes Dine above the Eddington 'Limit' without Overeating or Excessive Belching

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